New survey: Austinites are ready for a walk/bike revolution

Most Austinites are ready to move on from a car-centric way of life, according to a survey just released by MoveATX.

The survey reflects what we’ve all seen recently: Austin residents are walking and bicycling like never before and they want the City of Austin to invest heavily in sidewalks, bicycle lanes, Healthy Streets, and other infrastructure so they can keep getting around this way.

This data comes at a time when Walk Austin and over 80 businesses and organizations and more than 3,500 residents have joined forces to petition Austin City Council to put a $750 million Safe Mobility Bond on the November ballot to fund the next generation of walking, bicycling, and safe streets infrastructure.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

Nearly 55% of Austinites want to get around in a way other than a private car

That’s an increase of 5% from last year

Over 6% want to walk and over 8% want to bike

Walking and bicycling levels are currently at around 2% and 1% respectively

Almost 80% want more money spent on alternatives to cars

…because we can never build enough roads to solve our traffic problems

Almost 70% are walking more and 20% are bicycling more because of the pandemic

There can be no delay for a Safe Mobility Bond

Austin City Council must approve a $750m Safe Mobility Bond for the November ballot for several key reasons: Attendance this November is likely to be at a record high; funding from the 2016 Mobility Bond will run out in a few years; we need funding now to reach goals set in key City plans such as the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan; and, as we’ve seen above, the public is ready to support this funding.

Furthermore, evidence from previous elections supports our assertion that a Safe Mobility Bond will help a proposed Project Connect ballot item to fund public transportation. We need two separate ballot items to fully fund both measures.

Imagine an Austin where world-class sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and Healthy Streets are everywhere. It’s the most equitable and sustainable and it’s what the people want. Let your Austin City Council Member know that you support a $750m Safe Mobility Bond on this November’s ballot.

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