Walk Austin endorses Propositions A and B

This election season, by voting Yes on Proposition A (Project Connect) and Proposition B (Safe Mobility For All) Austin has the opportunity to take a big step forward toward a safer and more walkable, bikeable, and public transportation-friendly future. That’s why Walk Austin strongly endorses both propositions.

Proposition A would fund a citywide public transportation network, including 3 light rail lines to North, South and East Austin with a direct route to the airport (at last!); bus rapid transit lines; and anti-displacement funds to accompany these investments.

At a time when almost every other major city enjoys these services; rapid population growth threatens to dump more cars into Austin’s already congested road network; and, in an era of climate change, transportation will likely soon represent the large source of Austin’s carbon emissions, Prop A will finally deliver a mobility system that works.

Proposition B would allocate $460m to sidewalks, bikeways, urban trails, Vision Zero projects, Safe Routes to Schools, selected large capital projects including phase 1 of Congress Avenue improvements and a new pedestrian bridge near the Longhorn Dam, and overhauls of substandard roads in the Eastern Crescent. While not explicitly called out in ballot language, Prop B could also be used to sustain and grow a long term Healthy Streets program which has proved so popular in numerous communities across the city this year.

An even larger investment than the 2016 mobility bond, Prop B would dramatically improve walking, bicycling, and overall transportation safety in Austin and would make getting to Prop A’s transit system easier and safer.

The proposed pedestrian bridge near the Longhorn Dam

Austin is finally on the verge of building out a safe, affordable multimodal transportation system that offers mobility choice to communities across the city. It’s time to embrace the huge potential of these investments.

Vote Yes on Propositions A and B.

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