Austin voters overwhelmingly approve Propositions A and B!

Austin voters have approved Proposition B by 67%! Prop B will allocate $460 million for sidewalks, bikeways, urban trails, Vision Zero and Safe Routes to School programs, a new pedestrian-bicycle bridge near the Longhorn Dam, and more. This will be the single largest investment in active transportation in Austin’s history.

Walk Austin helped lead a large coalition of groups, including Bike Austin, Austin Outside, and many other groups, to promote and educate voters about Proposition B. Over 150 organizations and businesses publicly supported the campaign.

“This is a historic moment for Austin and a strong mandate from the public to move quickly and boldly with significant improvements to Austin’s active mobility infrastructure,” says Walk Austin Board President Adam Greenfield. “We look forward to working with the City of Austin, community groups, and other entities to making sure the Prop B funds are spent equitably and to have the best possible impact.”

The Prop B victory comes after a recent survey showed that 55% of Austinites would rather get around in a way other than driving.

Proposition A, which Walk Austin also endorsed, passed with a strong majority. 58% of voters approved the measure. Prop A will fund Project Connect, making major investments in public transportation.

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