We did it! $460m Safe Mobility Bond added to November ballot as Prop B

We did it! After months of tireless advocacy by a large coalition, led by Austin Outside and including Walk Austin and Bike Austin, on August 13th Austin City Council voted to add a $460 million Safe Mobility Bond to the November 2020 Ballot as Proposition B. Thank you to the 3,200+ people who signed the petition and to the nearly 100 businesses and organizations who joined our coalition to push for Prop B.

If Prop B wins in November, it’ll transform Austin. Here’s what the $460m will get us:

  • $80m for sidewalks
  • $120m for urban trails and bikeways
  • $65m for safety improvements and Vision Zero
  • $20m for Safe Routes to School
  • $19m for transit enhancements
  • $102m for large capital projects
    • $30m for phase 1 of Congress Avenue improvements
    • $16m for the Longhorn Dam
    • $41m Barton Springs Road Bridge
    • $15m for South Pleasant Valley Corridor Multimodal Improvements
    • $53m for improvements to substandard streets
    • $1m for the Neighborhood Partnering Program

This investment would allow the city to construct and repair about 100 miles of sidewalks, reach the Bicycle Master Plan goal of 80% build out of the All Ages and Abilities safe and convenient bike lane network by 2025 (through the $80m in Urban Trails and $40m in bikeways), give comprehensive mobility safety with substantial funding for the Vision Zero safety program, fill sidewalk and bike network gaps along school routes, and advance mobility equity by making multimodal improvements to streets in the eastern crescent.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make Austin a world class city for safe walking, bicycling, and all other ways of getting around. By voting for Prop B, as well as Prop A (Project Connect), we’ll make leaps towards the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan’s (ASMP) goal of 50% of trips by 2039 being made in a way other than by driving alone. Through building out safe and comfortable sidewalks, shared/Healthy Streets, bikeways, and trails, we’ll double or triple the number of residents within a half-mile walk or a two-mile bike ride from a high-capacity transit stop.

Now it’s up to all of us to get out and vote yes for Proposition B! Look out for more soon about how you can help promote Prop B leading up to Election Day.

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